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Wagholi Archives - Resolved

Wagholi is situated within the Pune Metropolitan area in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is known for its historical significance as the habitation of Maratha warrior Sardar Pilajirao Changojirao Jadhavrao.

Wagholi was added to the Pune Municipal Corporation in 2021, which signifies its integration into the administrative boundaries of Pune city.

One of the prominent attractions in Wagholi is the Wagheshwar temple, which is a popular temple in the area. The name “Wagholi” is derived from the Marathi word “Wagh,” meaning “tiger.” It is connected to the temple of Wagheshwar, which is located at the entrance to the mining complex, approximately 20 km north of Pune.

Wagholi has experienced rapid development in recent years, with the establishment of residential projects, educational institutions, and commercial ventures. Its proximity to Pune city and convenient connectivity to other parts of the metropolitan region have contributed to its growth as a residential and commercial hub.

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